Ap-Petite opened its doors in Pasadena in 2008, founded by a Hungarian couple living in Pasadena who wanted to bring their favorite treats from back home to the United States. A great new idea that combines several of Europe's, in specific Hungary's favorite concepts. As the name suggests, everything is small, petite. Pastries are baked fresh throughout the day, offering 15-20 different varieties at any given time in the store, the selection changes frequently. Ap-petite offers croissants, puff pastries and several different varieties of Pogis (a traditional Hungarian breadlike pastry). Pastries are sold by the pound, they are all the same price, so you can freely choose any or all your favorites!

The sandwiches are open faced, beautifully decorated, approximately 3x4" in size, offered on a wide variety of artisian breads. You can choose from over 40 different types should you decide to place a catering order, and around 15-20 at the Lake Avenue location. Ap-Petite rotates the menu often to ensure you always find something new and exciting to try!

Both the pastries and sandwiches are perfect for breakfast, lunch, snacks, to eat in or to be catered. Just imagine the success you can have at the next meeting, party or special occassion you cater from Ap-Petite!


What is Choceez®?

Choceez® is a divine, traditional Hungarian dessert that originated in Russia, but became an icon in Hungary in the 1970s. It is decadent, sweetened farmer’s cheese covered with semisweet chocolate. It contains no preservatives and is an excellent health conscious dessert with a fraction of the calories and fat of any candy bar. It is a delicious way to contribute to your daily calcium intake.

Ingredients of the original choceez: fat free farmer’s cheese (cow’s milk), sugar, lemon zest, eggs, vanillin, potato starch and semi sweet chocolate.

Given the success of the original farmer's cheese choceez we create several other varieties, equally innovative and tasty, and what is so great about them is that they all contain about half the calories and fat of a traditional candy bar.

1. Original: Sweetened farmer's cheese covered with chocolate available in:

a. original flavor covered with semi sweet chocolate, b. apricot center covered with white chocolate,

c. raspberry center covered with dark chocolate, d. coconut covered with white chocolate

2. Yogurt: Sweetened yogurt covered with chocolate available in:

a. natural yogurt covered with semi sweet chocolate, b. peach yogurt covered with white chocolate,

c. peach yogurt covered with dark chocolate

3. Milk: Natural milk covered with chocolate available in:

a. natural milk covered with milk chocolate, b. natural milk with rice cereal, covered with milk


4. Specialty

a. tiramisu: tiramisu flavored mascarpone cheese and ladyfingers covered with semi sweet chocolate


Choceez® is a registered trademark.

What is Körözött?

Körözött is a traditional Hungarian spread excellent on breads, bagels and crackers. It is a mixture of farmer’s cheese, margarine, mustard, onions, perfectly seasoned with paprika and ground caraway seeds. I promise you it is better than any cream cheese or spread you will find out there! Try it on our signature sandwich or take it home to share with your family!

Ingredients: farmer’s cheese (cow’s milk), margarine, mustard, red onions, Hungarian paprika, ground caraway seeds and salt.

What is Pogi®?

Pogi® is a traditional breadlike pastry that is light and fluffy, made with yeast in a variety of dough and topping choices. If you like bread or bagels you will love Pogi®. It is the perfect snack, just be careful that you don’t get hooked like the millions of Hungarians that on average consume about 8 lbs of Pogi® each year!



Pogi® is a registered trademark.

Choceez® is a registered trademark.

Ap-Petite® is a registered trademark.